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We work diligently to make our customers comfortable, relaxed, and feel beautiful.  We also help restore the confidence of being beautiful after it may have been shattered due to hair loss or any other circumstance. We understand that it’s not just hair and that a “bad hair day” can make us have a bad day. We believe that when you look better, you feel better and when you have genuine support you feel amazing. 

There are many reasons why women experience hair loss; stress, medical issues, cancer treatments, age, heredity, and more. Additionally, we recognize that wigs are apart of fashion and entertainment.  At A Hair Boutique the premium experience makes wig shopping fun, comfortable, and beautiful. 

It is A Hair Boutique’s pleasure to provide each customer with the premium experience and make sure everyone knows it is their  right to “Just beYOUtiful”!


Our culture is built from our life experiences.  

One of our experiences - 

"While working at my family beauty supply store a woman came in with her daughter (who looked to be around 13 years old). I noticed the broken spirit of the woman. Her daughter explained that the woman didn’t speak much English but her father would be in shortly as he was parking the car.

The husband came into the store with some disheveled papers in his hand. He said that he was looking for a shop that the doctor’s office referred them to and they wanted to purchase a wig. When I looked at the paper I noticed he was in the wrong place as the referral was actually for a mastectomy under garment store which was located in the next building. I explained that to him but let them know that our store sold wigs and I would be happy to help them.

I could tell the woman was not up to shop for a wig as nothing she tried on pleased her. I asked the husband if he had a photo of her before she started losing her hair. He showed me her identification card and I was able to find her a wig that resembled what her hair once looked like. The family was pleased with it so the husband and daughter went to the front to pay for it while the woman gathered her things. At that moment I noticed her spirits were still down but better than when she walked in. I gave her a sincere hug and we both shed a few tears. At that moment I acknowledged that emotion is universal and even with culture differences and language barriers we still relate to one another with compassion, sincerity, and love".

It is every woman's RIGHT to Just beYOUtiful 

I am forever grateful for that moment. This is the foundation of A Hair Boutique and we strive to breakdown barriers while being an asset to the community.


A Quote We Live By

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” -Arthur Ashe





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